Payments & Fees

We here at Developmental Therapy Services of Sacramento realize that the decision to pursue therapy can be stressful. In addition to that, the commitment and financial obligation it takes to regularly attend sessions is high, even though the benefits are long lasting. Therefore, we strive to make payments and fees as manageable for our families as possible.

Invoices, payments, and fees are dictated by your payer source (private vs insurance vs district).

Our office accepts private pay clients as well as clients who have insurance coverage through Kaiser Permanente or River City Medical Group.

If you are interested in seeing if your services could be covered by your insurance, please contact your insurance provider and inquire about “Network Gap Exceptions” and/or “Assignment of Benefits”. Be aware that not all insurance companies have these options available and they do not advertise them if they do. Therefore, you will want to be prepared to ask questions and provide specific reasons for why you are in need of their exceptions policy.

Things to prepare before talking to your insurance provider include:
– The CPT code describing the healthcare services
– ICD-10 code describing the diagnosis
– Your contact information
– Time frame for receiving the expected service (average time allowed is 3-7 months).
– Explanation as to why an in-network provider with the same specialty isn’t capable of performing the service requested

You can get any information you need (codes, dates) by calling our office.

Please call us prior to talking to your insurance to inquire about scheduling availability.

Payment Options

Pay As You Go: Pay for each session at the time of service.

Monthly Invoices: Invoices will be provided to families on a monthly basis. Invoices can be paid in-person, by mail, or over the phone. All methods of payment are accepted including Zelle. Credit Card payments will be charged an additional 3.5 % processing fee.

Additional options for payment (if your family has them available) include:
– Flexible spending accounts
– Health savings accounts
– Health Reimbursement accounts
– Dependent care flexible spending accounts
– Limited care flexible spending accounts

If you have any questions about services, payments, fees, or insurance options please do not hesitate to contact our office!