Mommy & Me + OT

Mommy & Me + OT

Welcome to Developmental Therapy Services of Sacramento’s Mommy & Me + OT Group! We are so happy you are considering joining us. As a pediatric therapy company, our goal is to promote the growth of children and one of the best ways to do that is to support you – the parents! So come join our occupational therapist as she walks you through developmental play-based activities with your baby. We look forward to meeting you!

Having an infant can be unpredictable – we get it! So, we offer a weekly drop-in rate as well as a pre-registration rate to accommodate those unexpected blow-outs!

Rates include 1-2 parents and 1 baby. A $15.00 fee will be added for every additional baby or sibling who participates.

Drop-In Rate: $50.00

Pre-Registration Rates: 

1 Class: $40.00

2 Classes: $75.00

3 Classes: $110.00

4 Classes: $150.00

*Classes purchased through packaged options can be used at any time within 5 months of the initial registration date. Attendance to classes do not have to occur on consecutive weeks.

Cancellations, Makes Ups, and Refunds: 

You will be allowed to make up one class for a pre-registration of 2-4 classes. Refunds will be issued with a $30.00 cancellation fee. 


Call: 916-979-0497


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A lot happens during a baby’s first 12-15 months of development! They learn to lift their head, watch people in a room, make sounds, grab items, eat, drink, move their body and so much more! Several critical milestones take place during this time period so we’ll get on the floor to use toys, music, and our own bodies to play while we learn!

The goal of this group is to teach simple hands-on techniques to help your baby in reaching their milestones while connecting with other

Classes will cover topics like: 

  • Visual tracking
  • Rolling
  • Tummy Time tolerance
  • Crawling 
  • Pulling to stand 
  • Age-Appropriate Play activities
  • Transitioning off bottle to straw/purees

All babies are welcome! These milestones and techniques are important for all babies no matter their developmental status.

Older siblings are welcome to participate and learn how to interact with their baby sibling if they can follow instructions and don’t distract from the group. No daycare is available for siblings.

When and Where:
We meet, in-person, at Developmental Therapy of Sacramento’s clinic, once a week.
Our address is 3416 American River Drive Suite E Sacramento CA 95684.

Two-Month Schedule: *Schedules will be posted in 2-month time periods; make sure to check back at the end of the month for new class postings!

What to Bring:
We have a limited supply of toys, books, and burp clothes that we will make available for you to borrow during the classes if needed. You are welcome to bring your babies favorite blanket, boppy, rattler, and any other toys that you feel will add to the fun!