Developmental Occupational Therapy

Developmental Occupational Therapy PC. is a diverse company that is committed to providing excellent service to the families, children, and school districts in the Sacramento area. Our mission is to work with our children beginning at their level and to facilitate their growth to their maximum potential. To achieve this, we employ only the best occupational therapy practitioners to deliver the highest quality of care to our clients.

At Developmental Occupational Therapy PC. our motto is

“For the growth of children.”

An integral component of that growth is the child’s community — be it their home and family or their school and education team. The therapists at Developmental Occupational Therapy PC. realize that it takes a team to facilitate the growth of a child.

This business offers in-home, clinic-based, and school-based occupational therapy intervention in the greater Sacramento area. The primary focus of this agency is to provide services in the child’s natural environment.  The services include, but are not limited to:

  • occupational therapy evaluations,
  • screens, consultations,
  • therapeutic intervention,
  • parent/teacher training and education, and
  • professional recommendations.

Children being served under the contract of public school districts will follow the IEP procedures and are served after the school district has determined eligibility.  Clinic-based services will be provided under contract with school districts, the Regional Center, insurance companies, or private-pay. The primary focus of this agency is to utilize a developmental and sensorimotor approach to serve children with fine motor, sensorimotor processing, gross motor, visual perceptual deficits, impaired handwriting, poor organization of behavior, and impaired self-care skills.

Our occupational therapists have an extensive background, knowledge and training.  Each therapist is licensed by the state of California and holds a certificate from the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy.  They have experience working in homes, schools, hospitals, and private clinics.  Their client base includes early intervention, school based services from 3 to 22, pediatric home health, pediatric hospital services- inpatient and outpatient, and clinic based services.